Porsche to develop flying cars

December 1, 2015
Posted by: M Ali & Sons Co Japan

Luxury and high-end vehicle manufacturing company Porsche is reportedly planning to develop flying cars. According to the reports, Detlev von Platen Porsche’s Sales Chief has recently talked about the manufacturing of flying cars and expressed that the idea is good. He asserted that as of now it takes him half an hour to reach the airport from his office via a conventional car. However, if one possesses a flying car he could reach the airport in just over three minutes, he further added.

The car which the company is reportedly planning to develop will be a flying taxi and not just a ‘flying taxi’, rather a fully autonomous one—meaning no need of a driver to assist the car. A German media outlet has reported that Porsche has already developed potential designs for this car, which it will unveil soon.


With this venture, the company is not only targeting to compete with companies that are allegedly in the process of making flying cars such as Uber and Airbus, but also trying to compete with such companies that are planning to ship fully autonomous vehicles. Moreover, with this car, Porsche is also aiming to curb the traffic problems in urban areas as well.

Who doesn’t love to drive a flying car; however, it would be worth mentioning here that it would take at least three to five more years to see the initial progress on these flying cars ventures, so don’t hope that the flying cars will come anytime soon.

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